January 23, 2012 at 08:30 AM
categories: announcements, dragons

The Lunar New Year begins today. According to a Chinese calendar going back more than three thousand years, this year is named for the Dragon, a mythical creature of power, wisdom, and good luck.

The Chinese dragon is unlike the guardian monsters of European myth. In East Asia, dragons are an honored part of nature's royalty, rulers of skies and storms. The dragons of Japan and China are found in the air, but never seem to need wings. They are never completely visible, and they can shrink to the size of a silkworm or fill the sky.

Collecting images of weather dragons has been kind of a hobby while building the Upweather app. So the beginning of a Dragon year seems like a great time to kick off the Upweather blog. There will be more here about Upweather, and more about dragons too.

What better year than this one to learn more about the weather?

Happy New Year!